Natural beeswax

This treasure that nature has given us is applied in a wide circle of products. Among other things it is used for making candles, in the production of satin bases as well as the preparation of cosmetics and medicines.

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Bee wax 98% purity


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“ARC International” is a foreign trade company which is on the market more than 25 years.
We work with beeswax and wax foundation since 2018.
A completely new and unique concept of our company has introduced important innovations in this market.
We are the only one company in the region that made analyzes of beeswax and we have quality certificates with over 98% wax content.
The quality of our products has been confirmed by laboratories from Belgrade, Zagreb and Germany.
We care about quality and in accordance with that we do not buy or replace beeswax from beekeepers.
The reason isn`t fact that the Serbian beeswax isn`t good, problem is that the economically unprofitable to make analyses for each delivery of wax in quantity of 50kg, 100kg and 200kg.
With a supplier from Russia, we have an exclusive contract that guarantees a minimum of 90% of the content of wax,
and for each delivery of beeswax in quantities of 10-20t we make analyzes to check that our supplier has fulfilled its contractual obligation,
and after that we receive certificates for beeswax and with that certificate we know what we offer to our customers.

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beeswax arc international
beeswax arc international
beeswax arc international
beeswax arc international


Beekeeping Exhibition in Belgrade 2018

Exhibition of beekeeping in Germany, Munster, 02-03.03.19.

Presentation in Sombor 17.02.2019

Exhibition of beekeeping in Spain, Guadalajara region, Pastrana 07-10.03.19

Presentation in Obrenovac 05.02.19

Exhibition of beekeeping in Belgrade 09-10.02.19

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Address of the store: Belgrade 11000
Bulevar oslobodjenja br. 71a

Тел: +381 63 255 063
tel.: +381 11 35 40 200, 35 49 400


Skype: arc.international1

ARC International

Adresa: Beograd 11000
Bulevar oslobodjenja br. 71a

Тел: +381 65 200 200 3
tel.: +381 35 40 200, 35 49 400


Skype: arc.international1